How Long Does Wax Last On a Car?

How Long Does Wax Last On a Car?

Many people don’t mind driving around a dull-looking car. But you’re not like most people.

Nope. You believe that beautiful things should remain beautiful — and that goes double for your vehicles.

Has your once beautiful car lost the luster and shine it had when you drove it off the lot? Believe it or not, you don’t have to drive around with your car looking dull and unappealing. 

You can restore your car’s once beautiful luster and shine in less than one day. 


It’s actually quite simple: with a car wax service.

So how long does wax last? We’ll answer this question and more below.

How Long Does Wax Last? 

We believe there is nothing more appealing than seeing your car with a fresh coat of wax. Heck, that’s why we got into this business in the first place! 

We love looking at an owner’s face when they see their car as a brand new car again. It gives us a warm and tingly sensation.  

The problem: a fresh coat of car wax doesn’t last forever. 

To keep your car looking like you just drove it off the lot, you have to maintain your luster with a car waxing service. 

So how long does wax last anyway? 

Depending on several factors like the climate and how much time your car spends in the sun, a good coat of wax can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. However, even though wax can last up to 84 days, that doesn’t mean that’s a good rule of thumb if you want to keep your car looking new. 

In actuality, you’ll want to maintain a nice coat of wax on your car much more regularly than that. 

How Often Should I Get My Car Waxed? 

While you can wax your car yourself, nothing beats the feeling of getting your car waxed by a trained professional. Not only will your car look detailed inside and out, but it will also look like a million bucks without any sweat equity on your part. 

So how often should you wax your car? According to online reports, the recommended amount of time between car waxes is 45 days

We know what you’re thinking…what happened to 84 days? Well, the truth is that wax can last up to 84 days, but that doesn’t mean it will. That is especially true if you don’t keep your car in a garage. 

If you park your car in the driveway and call it a day, your car is subject to many elements in Tampa, including: 

  • Direct sunlight
  • Rain, flooding, and storms
  • Mud, dirt, and other debris
  • Salt, sand, and environmental factors

Living in Tampa, Florida, has its share of advantages, but it also comes with some drawbacks to keeping your car looking brand new. To keep your vehicle looking new, we recommend maintaining your car’s shine with a fresh coat of wax every 45 to 60 days. 

What Are Some Benefits of Waxing Your Car? 

There are several benefits to waxing your car. Here are just a few reasons why waxing your car regularly is a great idea: 

1. Protect Your Car From the Sun

If you’ve spent any time in the Florida sunshine, you already know it can be unforgiving. While living in the “Sunshine State” is great, it’s not always great on your car. 

You wouldn’t walk out in the Florida sun without a little sunscreen, right? Well, your car is no different. So to keep your car’s body looking new, you need to give it a little love. The best way to show your car some love is with car wax. 

Car wax creates a protective barrier between your car’s luster and shine and the harsh Florida sun. Applying car wax regularly protects your car from fading, discoloration, and oxidation due to Florida’s UV rays. 

2. Minimize Everyday Scratches

Living in Tampa and St. Petersburg means dealing with hot weather, sandy beaches, and wind. While car wax cannot prevent scratches from occurring, it can help minimize scratches from living in the hot Florida elements. 

Applying car wax provides a protective barrier from Florida’s natural elements and your topcoat of paint. Instead of sticking to your car and causing issues over time, wax helps dirt and sand slide off your car’s body as you drive.

3. Mask Imperfections

Over time, it happens to all cars. Your car is no different. Those light tiny scratches that form on the top coat of your beautiful car begin to stick out like a sore thumb. However, you can mask those tiny imperfections with a nice wax job. 


It’s actually quite simple. The car wax fills in the cracks (or imperfections) in your car’s top coat of paint, leaving a nice, luxurious shine. 

4. Restore Your Car’s Beautiful Shine

It’s no secret that car wax can restore your car to its former glory. Regularly waxing your car helps keep your car looking brand new, shiny, and well-maintained. 

Maintaining your car’s shine can help improve the resale value whenever you go to sell it. It also makes your car look the best it can while you own it. 

Be the Envy of All Your Friends! 

Welp, you no longer have to ask: how long does wax last anyway? Now you know. With regular car wax services, you can become the envy of all your friends. 

At Hybrid Mobile Detailing, we specialize in restoring your vehicle’s shine. So whether you need wax for your RV, car, or boat, we’ve got you covered. 

Contact us today to schedule your next car wax with us. 

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